First Street Gallery

Suzi Evalenko


Artist's Statement

The Garden Brush with the Past Hand Me Downs The Model Wired The Dressing Table Floral Warming Tools of the Trade Silver Dollars Drawn to Paint

Suzi Evalenko

What I see is what inspires me. But, it is just a starting point. Compositions often meld reality and abstract elements - ephemeral shadows may take solid form, objects may refuse to honor the niceties of background and foreground, challenging the notion of stillness and disregarding the limitations of two-dimensional space. At the heart of every painting is a search for the temperament that makes the subject unique and at the same time emblematic - be it a portrait or a whimsical still life, like those presented in my 2013 exhibition, The Blue Glove. And like the portraits seen in past exhibitions, the works in this show are about a great deal more than the specific subject. The iconic blue gloves in every work stand in for many actors just beyond the picture plane and, universally, for the painter. Beyond the narrative of each painting, the works explore and revel in the very act of making art.

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