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Hank Feeley

From critical reviews of Hank Feeley's work:

"Hank Feeley's new paintings at the Aron Packer Gallery, which are very much an acquired taste, have many dreamlike artifacts that are different in style, scale and content. Representational passages are next to abstractions as well as doodles and a host of design elements from television, the Internet and other areas of popular culture."

 —Alan G. Artner, Art Critic, Chicago Tribune

"If Hank Feeley were not so strikingly original, I would say that he stands at the intersection of Magritte and Marvel Comics, but as it is, he has his own way of disorienting the viewer so we can see again, now with our perception refreshed."

—Billy Collins

"Feeley's rich evocative paintings combine expressionism and fantasy. Feeley is obsessed with color. He also focuses on touch. But it's more than texture for texture's sake. He wants viewers to see his strokes, his flaws, and evidence of things moved around. The elaborate narratives he conveys are the result of color and composition decisions. Colors become things."

—Chicago critic Shelly Hawes

"Hank Feeley depicts richly colored, impastoed figures in settings that are compositionally and technically strong and lead the viewer to question everyday practices."

—Chicago Tribune art critic Barbara Buchholz

"An important and reoccurring feature of these works is a deep emotional and intellectual involvement which forces the viewer to fill in with his/her own personal experience."

Landescape Magazine

"The intensity of his style, combining imagery from popular culture, art history and advertising, with heady color, has something in common with surrealist Max Ernst's description of his own work in collage: 'A linking of two realities that by all appearances have nothing to link them, in a setting that by all appearances does not fit them.'"

—Ellen Fisher, Arts Writer, Vero Beach 32963

"Feeley's paintings are ambitious, even heroic."

New York Newsday art critic Ariella Budick

"Hank Feeley's work is batting 1000% with me."

—Ed Paschke

As the art blogger Olivia McMichael writes about Feeley's work:  "I got the idea I was being taken into a dreamlike world of objects we may see in our subconscious memory. Like a stream of consciousness, these paintings reflect what our minds do not control or alter. I love the graphic nature and painterly skills exhibited in each canvas."

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