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Mari Lyons


Artist's Statement

Woodstock Studio Transformations Palette in Bloom Proliferating Sunflowers Flower Forms VII Flowers Forming Improvisation on a Theme of Growing Things Flower Forms III Iris on a Red Wall Flower Forms VI

Mari Lyons

"Transformations in the Garden"

Perhaps art is always some aspect of reality transformed: isn't art the objective and the subjective joined in an individual temperament and vision?

My last show was of hillsides and sunsets; the hillside was a small patch of land behind my strudio in Woodstock, NY. In those canvases--striving to bring more energy, more passion into the work, I found myself abstracting many areas of the canvas.

In my recent work, I think I've gone further into abstraction as I've taken from the things in my garden--real and imaginary--and I've constructed a parallel world using many aspects of the language of painting: i borrow parts from cubism, classical abstraction, surrealism, and much else in order to make paintings that I hope breathe with the vitality of life.

—Mari Lyons